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Why Compass ?

Simplify your financial journey with Compass. From budget planning to cost estimation, our comprehensive tool is your compass to financial stability and success.

Streamline Your Global EOR Management Effortlessly

Managing EOR across borders can be a complex and time-consuming process. Compass is here to simplify your global EOR management, providing you with a comprehensive platform to efficiently handle costs, compliance, and workforce data, all in one place.

From Management to Budgeting to Strategic Growth,
Compass simplifies your global EOR processes.

Gain Insights:

Access real-time data on EOR costs, onboarding progress, and contract statuses across various countries and currencies.

Ensure Compliance:

Stay up-to-date with hiring guidelines and labor laws specific to each country/state, ensuring legal compliance throughout the EOR engagement lifecycle.

Centralize Workforce:

Have a holistic view of your global EOR workforce on a single platform, allowing you to efficiently manage and track their employment details.

Plan Ahead:

Project future contract budgets with ease, considering employee costs, statutory expenses, bonuses, variable pay, leaves, insurance, and other relevant factors.

Client Friendly Approach: No security deposit required.

Zero Security Deposit: Security Deposits can be a significant financial burden for businesses. With Compass you can take advantage of our services without worrying about upfront security fees.